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STAŢI CALMI/CALME, şi nu daţi prea mare importanţă titlului: nu am schimbat sau dublat headerul siteului – rămâne acelaşi senzaţional element prontoficat cu vag erotism suburban antistatic, împodobit cu lozinci scoase la plesneală de un alcoolist terminat  evadat din sanatoriul de la Predeal(când fura brazi de pom în timpul liber, de pe proprietatea Eparhiei Râşnoavelor …

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[ENGLISH]Clear Details Concerning The Rumanian Tradition Of The Ultra Comix

{ The basic selective ethic of this zine is that you can’t produce a piece of art that would suck so much as to not get you into the pages of Sefeu }

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[ENGLISH]SUBcosmic Fandomists Approaching Planet EARTH !

full-hearted brood-defenders rigurously spred-out across the predicted area of impact have already entered yellowcode alert, suiting-up with some of the most stylish psychomental barrier-helmets made of leather available in our solar system.

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