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Believer #6 kind of wraps up the flashback of Mullovian-child-version’s abduction and indoctrination inside the financial cult-school organized by the NGO Church of Steve(issue #4-#6). Because this traumatic experience destroyed his original rational comumunist-child brainframe, Mullovian turned into an always-naked alcoholic libertarian and slave of Sanyo(a guy that is a bad mobster-humanitarian)(issue #1).
The next issues will cover the aftermath of Ovulon’s stabbing – a vicious surprise attack that caused this crazy Mullovian flashback in the first place.

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puterea minţii colective este evidentă în hotărârile mele administrative, singurul multiplu al acestei comunităţi - dătătoarea de glas al celor mulţi, vorbitoarea adevărului, cea care nu poate fi depăşită de nici un bit de informaţie rătăcită

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