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// } BELIEVER COMICS 1 { \\ Crime fighting comics for the true \\believers//

This is coming as a kind of surprise for us as well, seeing  such dedication from young: up and coming: fresh: blooming: all-new: and highly anticipated illustration producers. Serial drawing maniacs are honouring the fair capital of our country, Bucharest, with stylish, crappy, sloppy stories about the adventures of a pawn-shop owner, with a fetish for physical fitness and obscure paranormal deities.

This will come out in series, so wait for follow-ups full of crime and crime-fighting heroically misterious deeds.

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cofetăria ABC de la Ciucaş,
Berăria Aurora,
oglinzi pe pereţi şi amandine frecate cu mănuşi din polietilenă,
miros de cauciuc, fier beton abandonat, comicsuri ungureşti cu transformers,
reviste porno în jungla de la Mărzescu.

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  1. marian

    eu deja mi-am comandat revista.
    sper s-o primesc imediat

  2. Judith Bunch

    no wonder the world is like this

  3. Porsha Cearley

    can you say troll?

  4. Samantha Caloprato

    There will be no more prophets and in his life michael has imposed the idea that he loves jesus and tries to follow him and his good deeds.

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